Narcotics tracking stategies


The Basics of Narcotics Tracking

Developing effective strategies to prevent diversion is key to a successful controlled drug tracking system.

Here are some important key factors in tracking narcotics in the fire service.


 Give each individual narcotic container a unique identity.
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2. Identify each storage location and paramedic unit where the drugs will be located.

3. Identify each individual that potentially has access to the drugs. This may include Paramedics, Administrators, Inventory Managers and EMTs


Limiting access to controlled drugs can be challenging but is absolutely necessary to preventing drug diversion.
There are technologies, applications and administrative processes that can help make the controlled drugs more secure.
Having a vault with a two signature system is one of the best ways to ensure that drugs are accounted for when the vault is accessed.


Perhaps one of the most important factors in tracking narcotics in EMS and Fire Departments is documenting the history of each vial, user and location in your system. PhaRmLogs makes it is easy and saves hundreds of staff hours with documenting history. Every entry is timestamped and has a vial, user and location identified with the action.
Within PhaRmLogs, if a DEA audit is performed, your records are available in just a couple of clicks. 
PhaRmLogs stores the logs for at least 3 years and stores the count and actions logs for the life of the subscription.


Administrative Policy is the glue that binds together the Identify, Access & Documentation elements mentioned above. There must be an active hands-on approach to making sure that the personnel whom have access to the controlled drugs are following procedures and using the tools as they are intended to be used.



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