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Your Operational Tracking in one Centralized System

Upgrade your Fire Department or EMS Agency with TraxWorx, an award-winning software solution designed by First Responders for First Responders. Increase accountability, streamline communication, and improve operational efficiency with a comprehensive suite of tools.
Identify which vehicles & equipment are costing you the most time & money
Prevent drug diversions by tracking the full lifecycle of each vial

Have full visibility of your entire fleet
Optimize your Crew’s time & workload and bring total clarity on what checks are due
Automatically plan and assign tasks & service tickets to the right people
Always have the best path to deliver communications with a centralized system

Real-world testimonials from Firefighters, Officers, Chiefs, and EMS Professions showcasing how TraxWorx solutions are making a difference.

  • Overall: Great product with a positive experience. Easy to use.

    Pros: Easy to navigate and view previous days count and who signed. Clear to view who has not signed. Gives notice if count is off before you sign. Customer service is prompt.
    Cons: I do not have any dislikes with program. First type of program like this I have used
    - Frank M. (Narcotics Administrator)
  • Overall: As one of the administrators responsible for the restocking of our hundreds of vials of controlled drugs in the field each day, Pharmlogs (TraxWorx) made keeping track of what is where as easy as possible.
    Pros: Of greatest impact is our ability to track each individual vial, while they are assigned to each medic unit’s kit. We can search by unit, to confirm what should be where, when it may expire or when it was used and when that kit was restocked, and by who.
    Cons: The vendor is extremely receptive to input and we’ve found Pharmlogs (TraxWorx) to be as configurable as we can think to make it.
    - Nick C.(Battalion Chief)
  • "Great Product! "
    Overall: This has been a great addition to our department. Not only is it easy to use, but it also maintains a high level of accountability. I also enjoy the accessibility as I can quickly access the program from my phone or iPad.
    Pros: This app is very user friendly and extremely easy to use. Any customizations we needed for our department were quickly and efficiently implemented by the administrator. I also appreciated the daily reminders so I never forget to do my daily checkouts.
    Cons: I have no complaints about this program.
    - Chris V. (Captain)
  • Overall: It made the daily operations and use of managed products and inventory accountability easy to manage.
    Pros: It integrated well and was customizable to our operations. Customer service was very quick to respond to emails regarding user interface questions.
    Cons: None noted. Any concerns were resolved quickly.
    - Robert A. (Captain)
  • "Great Service !!!"
    Overall: My overall experience has been overwhelmingly, easy and more so reliable.
    Pros: This is a great product, it has provided my department and myself an easy route to maintain accountability for narcotics.
    Cons: No complaints! I have not had any issues or complaints of this product. It has always been reliable and consistent.
    - Marcel M. (Captain)

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